Good News in the Midst of Chaos

We could all use some good news- luckily enough, I’ve got some to share!

My tumor is still shrinking, ever so slightly! After a year of Doxil infusions, it’s just under 2 cm smaller. I’ll take it!


The drug that made this possible is the same drug that makes me immunocompromised. I know what you’re thinking! “But she looks great! Gosh, she’s beautiful! Stunning! Ravishing!” (Aww, shucks! You’re too kind.) Appearances aside, my white blood cell count is below normal range.

So when events are cancelled, or you’re told to wash your hands in excess of 1,500 times while singing your song of choice, remember that COVID-19 precautions are not necessarily about the healthy in our communities. It’s for people like me who were *already* at risk of contracting Lord-knows-what-else. If someone you love is elderly, pregnant, or undergoing chemo, you owe it to them to respect the recommendations of medical experts.

And if you don’t love someone with those conditions, you should STILL be a decent human being and comply! Wash your hands. Disinfect your cell phone. Stay home whenever possible. Order in from a Chinese food restaurant whose business has probably suffered prejudice from the ignorant. Greet people with jazz hands! (I’ve been waiting for this opportunity in particular my whole life.)

You likely come in contact with dozens of immunocompromised people every day without realizing it. Help us, and our terrified white blood cells, stay safe.

Thank you for coming to my guerrilla-style, sanitized TED talk. Be well, my friends!

4 thoughts on “Good News in the Midst of Chaos”

  1. I love this news! Shrinkage is shrinkage- I shriek & run from spiders that are 2cm!
    Thinking of you from the halls of Hardenbergh-wishing you more progress- be well. ❤


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